Workshop agenda (still updated):

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Invited speakers:

  • Michał Arabski, Jan Kochanowski University, Kielce, Poland, Application of TXRF and XRD techniques in urinary tract infections studies.
  • Fabjola Bilo, University of Brescia, Brescia, Italy, Total reflection X-Ray fluorescence spectroscopy to study Pb and Zn accumulation in zebrafish embryos.
  • Joanna Chwiej, AGH University of Science and Technology, Cracow, Poland, Atomic and molecular biospectroscopy in the research of glioblastoma multiforme pathogenesis.
  • Agnieszka Dróżdż, AGH University of Science and Technology, Cracow, Poland, TXRF spectroscopy and FTIR microspectroscopy – a valuable tools in the analysis of IONPs influence on the tissues and organs.
  • Armin Gross, Bruker Nano GmbH, Berlin, Germany, Covid-19 and TXRF.
  • Jasna Jablan, University of Zagreb, Zagreb, Croatia, Essential micronutrient levels in medicinal plants: a comparison between TXRF, FAAS and ICP-OES.
  • Eva Marguí Grabulosa, University of Girona, Girona, Spain, The use of TXRF as a simple and sustainable analytical technique for the analysis of biological samples.
  • Gabriella Mankovskii and Ana Pejović-Milić, Ryerson University, Toronto, Canada, TXRF quantification of gold nanoparticles in biological tissues.
  • Sofia Pessanha, Universidade NOVA de Lisboa, Lisbon, Portugal, Innovative X ray spectrometry methodologies for sustainable cancer tissue analysis.
  • Christina Streli, Technischen Universität Wien, Vienna, Austria, Determination of light elements down to Carbon using TXRF.

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